Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Radio series looks at how one Central Appalachian town is using arts, tourism to revitalize economy

Central Appalachian communities continue to look for ways to revitalize local economies hurt by the loss of coal jobs. One such community is Hindman, Ky (Best Places map). Making Connections News and WMMT 88.7 in Whitesburg teamed up to produce a two-part radio series that looks at how the tiny county seat has turned to tourism and arts for economic development.

In the first segment WMMT reporter Kelli Haywood examines how efforts are "being made to use the distinctive cultural resources available to the community in hopes that arts, traditional music, education and skill-building opportunities, and tourism will create a thriving economy in the years to come," Making Connections News reports. Hindman has a rich tradition in the arts, with the Hindman Settlement School annually hosting the Appalachian Writers' Workshop and Family Folk Week, both of which draw well-known Appalachian writers and musicians.

In the second segment Haywood examines how Hindman is using "the community’s cultural assets to rebuild the economy," reports Making Connections News. Haywood joins staff of the Settlement School "to discuss their place within the community and how they use their historical perspective to envision the future. Jessica Evans, assistant director of the Appalachian Artisan Center, also continues the conversation along with artist, Sean Starowitz." (Read more)

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