Monday, November 21, 2016

Nebraska, where Trump easily won every rural county, shows his dominance in such areas

How big did Donald Trump win rural areas? Trump won 91 of 93 counties counties in Nebraska, taking 19 by at least 85 percent and 55 by at least 70 percent, Joe Duggan and Jeffrey Robb report for the Omaha World-Herald. Hillary Clinton only won two counties, Lancaster County (home to Lincoln) and Douglas County (home to Omaha). Overall, Trump won the state 69.9% to 24.8%.

Grant County had the nation's third highest percentage for Trump and Hayes County the fourth highest, Duggan and Robb write. In Grant County Trump won 93.1 percent of the vote and in Hayes County he won 92.4 percent, according to results from Politico.

Nebraska hasn't supported a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964 and Grant County hasn't since 1936, Duggan and Robb write. Grant County Clerk Christee Haney said 600 of the county's 640 registered voters are Republican, but questioned whether the other 40 are "Democrats in their hearts.” (World-Herald map: How Nebraska voted in the presidential election)

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