Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Small rural college requires patriotism/fitness class

Freshmen at the College of the Ozarks (Photo by Shann Swift)
College of the Ozarks, a private institution in rural Missouri, is making headlines by requiring all freshmen to take a new course called Patriotic Education and Fitness. "In requiring the new course, the college is signaling that patriotism is largely synonymous with the military, to judge from its materials. The required course debuted last year as a retooled version of previous courses in physical education and patriotism — this time, with a more-intentional emphasis on the military," Sam Hoisington reports for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

A press release says that students will "learn map reading, land navigation, rifle marksmanship, rope systems and knots, and rappelling" as well as "the formation of American government and politics, military customs, task organization and courtesies, and flag protocol and procedures," Hoisington reports.

President Jerry Davis says the college has attracted a lot of publicity because it's willing to stand up for what it believes. "Our college, given who we say we are, needs to make a strong statement about what we represent and what we’re a part of," he told Hoisington. The college was in the news last month after refusing to play sports against any team whose members kneel during the national anthem.

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