Friday, December 22, 2017

Ohio grain handler pleads not guilty to stealing $3.5 million from farmers

Monroeville (Wikipedia map)
A northern Ohio grain handler pleaded not guilty Dec. 20 to 41 charges of keeping about $3.5 million in farmers' profits from grain sales, Cary Ashby reports for the Norwalk Reflector. Richard Schwan, 78, of Monroeville, was indicted Nov. 17 by a Huron County grand jury on:
• Seven counts of aggravated theft, all first-degree felonies
• Six counts of grand theft, all fourth-degree felonies
• Six counts of theft from the elderly, all third-degree felonies
• Nine counts of falsification in a theft offense, all third-degree felonies
• Three counts of insolvent handler not to accept deposits, all fourth-degree felonies
• One count of delayed price agreement, a fifth-degree felony
and nine counts of falsification, all first-degree misdemeanors.
Schwan, doing business as Schwan Grain Inc., is accused of keeping $3.5 million from grain sales made for 35 farmers. He also allegedly filed financial reports and documents with the state Department of of Agriculture that "falsely reported and concealed his liabilities and the monies which he owed to farmers after he reportedly sold their grain and kept the proceeds," Ashby reports. Schwan was released on bail and is scheduled for trial April 24.

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