Friday, April 13, 2018

County-level map shows changes in ACA enrollment; county data available via spreadsheet, interactive map

"The Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges have proven to be quite sturdy despite a barrage of federal actions that threatened to topple them," Shelby Livingston reports for Modern Healthcare. "The picture of the exchanges that emerges from the CMS’ final open-enrollment data is far from the imploding market that the Trump administration and countless headlines over the past year warned about."

Though enrollment decreased and premiums increased by an average of 30 percent this past year, tax credits increased enough for most people that the average person paid less for coverage than the year before. ACA plans remain unaffordable for millions who aren't eligible for financial help, Livingston reports. Congress is unlikely to pass legislation that would decrease premiums before insurers file 2019 plans later this spring.

For an Excel spreadsheet showing county-by-county data on Obamacare enrollment, click here.

An interactive map shows the changes over the past year. Here's a screen grab:
Modern Healthcare map. Click on the image to enlarge it or click here to see the interactive version.

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