Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Fact-checkers team up to check Trump speech, response

News media need to fact-check President Trump's State of the Union address and the Democratic response tonight. Tom Jones of The Poynter Institute says the fact-checkers will be on the prowl with some new tools and an alliance.

"PolitiFact will be live-tweeting during the address and the Democratic response," then post a full story. The service of the Tampa Bay Times, which Poynter owns, "is teaming up with The Washington Post, The Reporters’ Lab and FactCheck.org to offer live fact-checking on the new FactStream app."

Journalists from those news outlets will provide real-time updates in the form of "quick takes," instant updates about the accuracy of a statement; and ratings, as links to previously published fact-checks with ratings when the president repeats a claim that has been checked before.

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