Thursday, July 16, 2020

Local Media Association starts Center for Journalism Funding with help from Google; apply in early August

"Journalism funded by philanthropy represents a burgeoning opportunity for many local media companies. Yet the path to unlocking this potential stream of funding isn’t always easy to navigate or access," That’s the Local Media Association says as it announces the launching of the Center for Journalism Funding, with financial support from the Google News Initiative.

The center "aims to strengthen the understanding and capabilities of local news organizations regarding fundraising programs and working with philanthropic organizations to support journalism projects," LMA says. "Many local news organizations, in particular those owned by and/or serving people of color, struggle with the complexities of journalism funded by philanthropy."

Applications for funding lab be accepted in early August, with 15 news publishers chosen for a six-month program. The group will be "a diverse mix of newspapers, broadcasters and digital news sites," LMA says. It is recruiting a managing director to run the program, and subject-matter experts to serve as coaches. "The lab has two goals: drive at least $2.25 million in funding for journalism projects for the 15 publishers combined, and publish an extensive industry playbook on funding journalism through philanthropy."

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