Tuesday, November 17, 2020

How to start a community advisory board for your newsroom

"Community editorial boards — or to use another term, community advisory boards, although both essentially serve the same purpose — are one way to start more of your journalism from a place of listening," Stephanie Castellano writes for the American Press Institute.

"Depending on the makeup of the board and how members are recruited, they can point you toward stories that have gone uncovered and people whose information needs are not being met. And they can help you build — or repair — relationships with groups that are often marginalized or misrepresented by the news media, and perhaps by your own newsroom."

Click here for tips on how to start a community advisory board in your newsroom, including:

  • how to recruit an advisory board that reflects your community's diversity
  • tips for running productive, meaningful board meetings
  • how your newsroom can demonstrate accountability to the board
  • tips for successfully pitching the idea of a community advisory board to your newsroom's leadership

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