Friday, January 08, 2021

Pandemic and vaccine roundup: Possible vaccine that needs only refrigeration would be a boon to rural America

Here's a roundup of some of the latest stories on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine:

This article provides a good overview of the difficulties in vaccinating rural America and how they can be addressed. Read more here.

A new coronavirus vaccine in the late stages of testing could help rural residents get vaccinated, since it only requires refrigeration. Read more here.

Vaccine distribution is difficult in many rural areas. That's why one rural Michigan doctor has been making 140-mile round trips in his own car to deliver the vaccine to rural hospitals. Read more here.

Bold action is needed to support rural and tribal communities hardest hit by the pandemic, writes a former Obama administration advisor. Read more here.

The Moderna vaccine, which doesn't require ultra-cold freezers, has meant that rural residents in Alabama (and probably other states) can get vaccinated. Read more here.

Rural areas of Oklahoma have fewer resources to deal with a post-holiday coronavirus spike. Read more here.

The politicization of the pandemic has caused many rural health care workers to leave their jobs or leave their towns. Read more here.

NPR has created a tool that allows readers to see how full their local hospital and county overall are, though the dataset doesn't include all counties. Read more here.

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