Friday, April 30, 2021

Covid roundup: Rural readers share vax experiences; rural vaccine hesitancy narratives may be over-simplified...

Here's a roundup of recent news about the pandemic and vaccination efforts:

Idaho public-health districts are trying to boost rural vaccination efforts by targeting hard-to-reach populations. Read more here.

Rural vaccine providers worried about vaccine hesitancy caused by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause. Read more here.

News media narratives about rural vaccine hesitancy are over-simplified and don't tell the whole story about supply chains, poverty, lack of access to resources, and more, writes a researcher. Read more here.

Lower rural coronavirus vaccination rates may be due to logistical issues such as transportation or broadband access as much as fears or antipathy toward the vaccine, writes a bioethicist. Read more here.

Rural readers share their vaccination experiences with The Daily Yonder. Read more here.

The public's concerns about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are widespread, a poll found. Read more here.

Public health officials in rural Minnesota work to assuage locals' concerns about the coronavirus vaccine. Read more here.

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