Thursday, October 21, 2021

Pandemic roundup: Ad Council campaign features rural residents sharing stories about getting coronavirus shots

Here's a roundup of recent news stories about the pandemic and vaccination efforts:

A new public-service ad campaign from The Advertising Council features rural residents sharing their personal stories about receiving coronavirus vaccinations in hopes of encouraging more rural residents to get vaccinated. Read more here.

A rural Oregon county has declared a state of emergency over concerns that statewide vaccine mandates for first responders might cause a shortage of volunteers. Read more here.

Most paramedics in Maine are vaccinated against the coronavirus, but rural first-responder agencies could see worker shortages. Read more here.

A series of new reports from local health agencies shows how they overcame vaccine barriers in minority communities, including an agricultural area in southeast Idaho with a large Hispanic population. Read more here.

The Biden administration has revealed how it plans to roll out the coronavirus vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, when or if the shot is approved for that age group. Read more here.

Traveling nurses help rural hospitals, but at a high cost. Read more here.

As insurance companies stop full coverage for Covid-19, rural hospitals brace for a greater financial burden. Read more here.

In places without strict pandemic safety mandates, some citizens have created social media groups that grade businesses on safety measures. Read more here.

Though health officials have warned the public that ivermectin doesn't treat Covid-19, many are still taking the anti-parasitic, and reports of ivermectin poisoning are on the rise. Read more here.

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