Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cops seek to close Florida-Appalachia pill pipeline

We reported here that prescription-drug seekers from Appalachia have found Florida an ideal location when looking for prescriptions. That state does not have an electronic monitoring system that keeps track of narcotic prescriptions. In an effort to stop the flow of these drugs to Kentucky, "24 alleged drug dealers in Montgomery and Bath counties have been arrested and accused of obtaining prescription drugs at Florida clinics and bringing them back to Kentucky to sell," Mount Sterling Police Capt. David Charles told .

Kentucky law enforcement is also working with Florida officials to investigate Florida physicians who prescribe the narcotics. "Doctors charge a few hundred dollars for an MRI that justifies the prescription and, in many cases, the drug seekers get monthly prescriptions filled at the clinics, for as many as 300 pills, without ever having to go to a pharmacy," reports

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