Friday, June 07, 2013

Technologically enhanced glasses let users browse web, record images -- and commit journalism?

The Columbia Missourian has a story in its From Readers section from a journalist who is getting the opportunity to experiment with the new wave of technology that could change the future of reporting. Blogger Sarah Hill wrote about using Google Glass -- glasses that can record images and videos, and can surf the Internet with simple voice commands. (Photo: Hill wearing Google Glass)

Hill used Google's Hangout to converse with a group of blind veterans who are learning to make relay calls. "I hopped into their training session to say hello," writes Hill. "The former radio operators who are World War II veterans were fascinated with Glass and the ability to control a computer with your voice. Because of its voice integration, I could see Glass being helpful for individuals with sight impairments as it would allow them to control a computer hands free with their voices." (Read more)

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