Monday, October 27, 2008

Forest Service turns to manure for energy source

The U.S. Forest Service is turning to an unusual energy source in an effort to lessen its environmental impact: cow manure. CVPS Cow Power is the first manure-based energy program in the nation, and will fuel the Forest Service's Rutland, Vt., office.

"The air emissions impact will be equivalent to removing 30 vehicles from the roads for a year," USAgNet reports. "Put another way, it would take a 114-acre pine forest to capture and store carbon dioxide to have the same environmental impact."

While this energy is more expensive, costing the Forest Service an extra $2,100 per year, those funds will go to farmers contributing to the project, in order to encourage more farmers to enter the business. "The environmental effects from our enrollment are dramatic, but equally important, we want to set an example for our employees and the general public," said Forest Supervisor Meg Mitchell.

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