Friday, September 04, 2009

Pa. school district planning a day of local food

In northwest Pennsylvania, Ridgway Area Schools Superintendent Tom Butler is hosting a "farmers market day" to help encourage students in Elk County appreciate healthy eating and local farmers. Butler plans to serve the district's 1,000 students a meal of locally grown food, reports Joe Smydo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Butler tells Smydo he knows the value of stretching a dollar, but hopes to advocate spending a little extra for local food to boost the local economy. "There are other bottom lines to consider, too," Butler said. Once children connect with local farms they are more likely to eat vegetables, National Farm to School Network outreach director Debra Eschmeyer told Smydo, adding that farm-school partnerships are on the rise.

Butler's farmers-market meal will include more than 230 pounds of locally grown food, including blueberries, corn, mixed vegetables and ground beef. Local farmers will also be invited to the event on Sept. 16 to be recognized for their work. (Read more)

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