Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Wind farm brings neighborhood feud to Wisconsin

Complaints from residents living near wind farms have become more numerous in recent months as the farms proliferate. Now many of those complaints regarding noise, shadows and bird deaths have surfaced in Wisconsin, Scott Williams of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports. In the town of Byron, some families have given up fighting the turbines and plan to move, while others have embraced them as needed progress.

"I really like them," Rose Vanderzwan told Williams. "I think they're beautiful. And I think it's a good idea to get some cheaper energy." Larry Wunsch disagreed, saying "This is not for me. It's an invasion." Vanderzwan receives $17,500 a year for permitting thre turbines to be built on the family dairy farm, but some neighbors are so angry they won't speak to her anymore. "Every project will have some opposition, as with anything that is new to a community," Invenergy vice president Bryan Schueler told Williams. "For every opponent, there's usually many, many more supporters." (Read more) (Press-Gazette video)

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