Monday, December 17, 2012

Nev. gets iPhone app to bring tourists to rural areas

The really rural roads of rural America gets less traffic and have few guides for travelers who might like to know which restaurants in the upcoming town are the best, or if there are any local attractions nearby. With little or no cell phone service, and miles from 4G networks, Nevada state officials hope a soon-to-be-released web application will draw more visitors into the state's rural areas. It could be an example to other states wishing to cash in on tourism dollars.

The state's Commission on Tourism is set to unveil the travel app in Spring 2013. It will provide maps and information about rural attractions, Richard N. Velotta of Vegas Inc. reports. The "Travel Nevada" iPhone app will also contain travel guides, trip planners, suggested itineraries and geo-location services. It will also let users take pictures and make comments that will be shared with future users. It will be free, and will eventually be available to Android users.

The commission decided to create the app because of research showing that 85 percent of leisure travelers use their smartphones when they travel, 30 percent use them to find hotel deals, 29 percent use them for flight deals, and 15 percent will download apps to guide them in future vacations. (Read more)

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