Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How many rural shows are in the most watched 100 TV broadcasts? Take a guess

A book about the top 100 most-watched American telecasts has prompted a survey about rurality on TV.

The Agricultural Communications Documentation Center on the main campus of the University of Illinois wants to know how many TV broadcasts featuring rural settings, people, or activities people expect to see on the Top 100 list. The survey was prompted by television historian Wesley Hyatt's 2011 book Television's Top 100: The Most-Watched American Broadcasts, 1960-2010.

Hyatt's book outlines the date, rating, share, competition, cast and synopsis of 100 top broadcasts that range from sporting events to movies -- and some have rural themes.

The ACDC News survey asks:
1. What share (percent) of those most-watched broadcasts would you expect to feature rural settings, people, or activities?
2. What specific television programs with rural flavor would you expect to find in that Top 100 list?

Answers go to docctr@library.illinois.edu. Results and winners will be announced in the next issue monthly issue of ACDC News.

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