Monday, April 14, 2014

Rural Broadband Association study finds that rural access still lags far behind urban access

Rural broadband access not only lags behind urban areas, but it is also falling steadily behind the rest of the world. A Rural Broadband Association study found that 98.2 percent of urban Americans have access to broadband, while only 76.3 percent of rural residents do, reports Civ Source, a news and information site for civic leaders. Overall, the U.S ranks 15th among 34 developed countries in broadband access. (Rural Broadband Association graphic differentiates among slow, medium and fast broadband speeds)
"Rural Americans are more than 13 times more likely to lack access to fixed broadband than Americans in non-rural areas,” the study states. “One of the more challenging realities of striving for ubiquitous broadband adoption is that the final third of the population will be the hardest to reach. This remaining group of non-­adopters tends to be older, less educated and at lower income levels than those who have already embraced the online world. Yet, in many ways these are the very segments of society that have the most to gain from the Internet, whether through obtaining higher quality health care or pursuing a more rewarding job. Encouraging more of them to become broadband adopters will benefit all.” (Read more)

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