Monday, December 14, 2015

University of Oklahoma daily to drop to two days per week, focus more on digital news

Citing a lack of need for a daily newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily, the student paper at the University of Oklahoma, announced on Friday that it will decrease publication from five days per week to two days per week. Beginning in January, print editions will only be available on Mondays and Thursdays.

"It’s no secret that print newspapers have lost their essential value," states the editorial board. "We all know this. Hundreds of copies remain in the racks at the end of each night on this campus. The need for information can no longer wait until the next morning because it’s never more than a tap away on your phone. We’ve embraced this 'news now' mentality, and our online platform reflects that. A less frequent print product doesn’t mean a less frequent Daily. Our already established digital first mindset will only become more precise and efficient."

"We want our work to serve you in the best way possible," states the board. "That way used to be through the print product, but now it’s through our digital platforms. If fewer people are picking up the paper and more are reading online, it only makes sense for us to adapt." (Read more)

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