Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Newspaper Association of America changing name to News Media Alliance

The Newspaper Association of America announced it will change its name to the News Media Alliance, Jim Rutenberg reports for The New York Times.

CEO David Chavern said the word "newspaper" has become meaningless, now that so many people get their news online, Rutenberg writes. There also are a growing number of digital news organizations that until now could not join the association because they did not have print editions. Now, those groups can join. Chavern told Rutenberg, “'Newspaper’ is not a big enough word to describe the industry anymore. The future of this industry is much broader.”

Rutenberg notes that NAA's membership has dropped from 2,700 in 2008 to 2,000 today, but the drop in membership doesn't mean there are that many fewer papers, just fewer dues-paying members of a trade group that may be seen as an unnecessary expense in tight times. Some papers that were dailies in 2008 have become weeklies (three or fewer times a week, by industry convention) and the weeklies and small dailies have their own lobby, the National Newspaper Association.

Benjamin Mullin of the Poynter Institute reports that Chavern said in an email: "We are very excited about the new name, brand and programs — just like we are very excited about the future of the news business. The name change doesn't reflect any diminishment of newspaper as a central way for people to get information but, instead, indicates just how many new ways our members are delivering journalism to their communities. The bottom line is that people consume more news than ever—in all forms—and that is the basis for a vibrant and growing news media industry."

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