Sunday, September 04, 2016

Where does your county fit in the national trend of rising death rates among the middle-aged?

In the latest installment of its series on rising death rates among middle-aged white women, The Washington Post offers a county-by-county, interactive map. Some of the main factors are suicide, drug abuse and excessive drinking, and "The trend is most powerful in rural areas and smaller cities, where middle-aged white men are also dying more," report the Post's Dan Keating, Kennedy Elliott and Leslie Shapiro.
An example of one county in one state
When you go to the story, the Post website may ask you if you want to share your location with it. If you do, it is supposed to automatically display your state map with your county and its data highlighted. If it doesn't, it's easy enough to search for any county. In addition to a map, the site also gives you a graphic that shows where your county ranks among the counties in your state.

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