Monday, July 17, 2017

Delta Regional Authority creates fund to address emergency infrastructure needs in 8-state region

DRA service area with LaSalle Parish highlighted
The Delta Regional Authority has granted $300,000 in emergency funding to replace a damaged tank that supplies water to more than 1,000 residents and businesses in Louisiana's rural LaSalle Parish. DRA has little money compared to its model, the Appalachian Regional Commission, but recently created an infrastructure fund that can be used for emergencies.

The deterioration of the Nebo Water System's tank was an immediate risk to the lives of those using the tank, the system said in its funding application to the DRA. LaSalle Parish is under a boil water advisory and the Louisiana National Guard has been providing bottled water to locals. Restaurants, schools and other organizations are unable to prepare food, beverages and ice that require municipal water, and the the community pool is closed.

DRA has provided water and sewer service to more than 66,000 residents across eight states since it was created by Congress in 2000 to "help create jobs, build communities, and improve lives through strategic investments in economic development," it said in a news release.

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