Tuesday, November 28, 2017

HBO documentary explores meth in rural Arkansas

Veronica Converse and her sons (HBO photo)
A new HBO documentary called "Meth Storm" highlights the causes and devastating effects of methamphetamine in a rural Arkansas community, Stephanie Sharp reports for Arkansas Matters.

"The 96-minute film follows DEA agents and police fighting against cartels, local dealers and users and their families in central Arkansas. There are no jobs here, especially since Walmart moved on, and residents seem chained to a life of poverty, addiction, and dealing to support their habits," Eric Killelea writes for Rolling Stone.

As Little Rock natives, filmmakers Brent and Craig Renaud are no strangers to the area. The Peabody Award-winning brothers returned to their home state and spent more than two years on the documentary, following the life of longtime meth user Veronica Converse and her sons, who deal the drug. The Renauds also embedded with a DEA unit and witnessed large-scale seizures of meth and firearms, many of which originated with Mexican drug cartels. Read more about the documentary and find listing times here.

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