Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Georgia nonprofit looks to market telehealth to rural America

The Georgia Partnership for Telehealth wanted to help more rural providers and patients access telehealth care, but was frustrated when potential software wasn’t up to snuff. That led to a radical decision for the 12-year-old non-profit: create a spinoff organization called the Global Partnership for Telehealth and create its own software. The spinoff “recently unveiled Pathways, a web-based videoconferencing platform designed primarily for small and resource-thin healthcare providers, as well as schools and other entities looking to launch a telehealth platform but hesitant to wade into the commercial market,” Eric Wicklund reports for Healthcare Initiative.

CEO Rena Brewer said GPT never intended to get into software development, but that they needed to meet the needs of their more than 600 partners who were moving from server-based telehealth to web-based tech and didn’t have a lot of money to spend. Pathways helps with that, since “the original intent of telemedicine is that it was geared toward the underserved,” Brewer told Wicklund.

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