Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Columnists offer a Valentine to rural life

Just ahead of February 14 comes a Valentine to rural life from columnists Annette Tait and Katy Kassian at AgWeek. What's to love about living in rural America? Plenty, they write.

Though they name the usual suspects -- the gorgeous views and the good neighbors -- they also meditate thoughtfully on the power of tradition in rural areas:
Yes, we talk a lot about "we've always done it that way" needing to change. But there's a big difference between that and tradition. Tradition is local culture, from the unsung acts of kindness to full-fledged celebrations. Like the unsung, understood gathering of neighbors helping neighbors in times of need. It's a finely tuned, quietly organized system that takes care of others. And then there are the opposite, the full-fledged celebrations of centennials, milestones and local lore that bring people home from all corners of the country. In the middle we cheer sports teams on their ways to major tournaments, help Legion Posts honor and remember our military members, and commemorate whatever other occasions just happen to float the local boat.
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