Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Biden aims at rural voters during Democratic convention

"The Biden campaign wants to undercut President Donald Trump’s sweeping victory across rural America in 2016 by making its case that the White House has failed voters in small communities," Liz Crampton reports for Politico. "No one expects former Vice President Joe Biden to win the rural vote outright. But his strategists and supporters are working to peel away voters by hammering on Trump’s economic agenda and haphazard response to the pandemic."

The Democratic party signaled its attention to rural voters during this week's Democratic National Convention. On Monday, speakers underlined the importance of the U.S. Postal Service, which rural residents rely on disproportionately. Later, the Biden camp hosted a virtual symposium to discuss issues that affect rural voters. And on Tuesday, members of the DNC's Rural Council held the floor during the daytime, Crampton reports.

"Winning over just a slice of the rural vote could make a difference in battleground states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania," Crampton reports. "Many sectors of the rural economy under Trump have been reeling as a result of his trade and ethanol policies since 2017, while the coronavirus has disproportionately affected rural areas, stressing an already fraying health care infrastructure with few ICU beds."

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