Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Eviction wave could be coming; see how your county ranks

Screenshot from the Eviction Lab webiste, showing eviction rates contrasted with population. The website is also searchable by other factors. Click the image to enlarge it; click here to view the interactive version.
"Americans owe more than $21.5 billion in overdue rent, according to one recent analysis that underlined the urgency of the housing crisis facing American renters as the coronavirus pandemic drags on," Emma Coleman reports for Route Fifty. "With eviction moratoriums ending in many cities and states, experts are warning of an impending wave of families being forced out of their homes with devastating collateral consequences if immediate action is not taken to keep people housed."

Areas with high proportions of low-income families, immigrants, and people of color are most likely to be hard-hit by evictions, Coleman reports.

Princeton University's Eviction Lab website has an interactive map showing state- and county-level eviction data; click here to see how your county ranks.

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