Wednesday, September 09, 2020

100 Days in Appalachia launches initiative to help outsider journalists better cover the region

100 Days in Appalachia has launched a new initiative meant to help outsider journalists better cover Appalachia, Shyla Parsons reports for WBOY-TV in Clarksburg, W.Va.

The Appalachian Advisors Network has three main components:

  • A frequently-updated database of Appalachian freelance creatives. That way, publications can hire writers, artists, photographers and more to cover complex stories with sensitivity.
  • Reporting resources with background information on regional issues such as coal, the opioid epidemic, and more, so that journalists can better understand the issues they cover.
  • A diverse network of advisers who live and work in Appalachia and are committed to making sure Appalachian stories are told accurately and respectfully. The advisers come from many different backgrounds and, collectively, have expertise in a wide range of fields.

Click here for more information about the AAN as well as a list of the current advisers. 

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