Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Session recordings available from National Newspaper Association's annual convention, for $50 registration fee

If you were unable to "attend" last week's convention of the National Newspaper Association, you can still do it, virtually. Every convention session was recorded, and is available online for the registration fee of $50, which is a bargain. As NNA says, "The Great Idea Exchange alone is more than worth the price of admission!" Here's a selection of sessions that seem especially useful, with emphasis on the news side:

Keynote: The Unique Relationship of Rural America to the Mail
Roundtable Discussion: Cover Your Community During Crisis
Facebook Strategies for Weeklies
Google News Initiative - Digital Ad Revenue
New ways to cover Election 2020
Diverse revenue plan of action to kick-start your digital success
How to sell digital audience as total audience
High school students read local newspapers
Report for America: how to apply, what to expect
Adding the Freedom of Information Act to your journalism toolkit
Readership studies help local businesses during the covid-19 recovery
New approaches to covering covid-19
Rethinking paywalls for print newspapers (session for paid papers, another for free papers)
The Future of Obituaries
Building an audience through Instagram
Going Nonprofit: Q&A with publishers who have done it
Reverse Publishing from Website to InDesign
Get the Most Out of Your Newsletter
How to Produce High Yield Content with Video Interviews
Maximize your reader revenue with a smarter, dynamic paywall approach for your website
The young news readers - what is there to know and do for newspaper owners in 2020
The digital revolution in March 2020 and what it means for newspapers
Build readership and revenue with an Art and Science Challenge
Fighting misinformation and disinformation

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