Thursday, December 17, 2020

Rural hospital roundup: rural hospitals still struggling to cope with rising tide of Covid cases

Rural hospitals in the Ozarks are struggling to cope with rising tide of Covid-19 patients. Read more here.

The Covid surge is straining rural health-care systems. Read more here.

The pandemic reveals rural health-care disparities, writes Nathan Beacom, a policy associate for the Center for Rural Affairs, in an op-ed for The Coastland Times in North Carolina. Read more here.

The rural South, which had already suffered the lion's share of hospital closures over the past decade, is particularly struggling with the pandemic. Read more here.

Many rural Kansas hospitals are overflowing with Covid-19 patients, but urban hospitals are full too, and it's hard to find beds for the patients anywhere. Read more here.

With many rural hospitals full, some Covid patients must be transferred to larger hospitals. For patients with underlying illnesses, the transfer process can be life-threatening. Read more here.

Rural Arizona doctor says local health-care providers tired and overwhelmed watching their friends and neighbors fall ill. Read more here.

Hospital workers have been hailed as heroes, but for years hospitals have done little to protect nurses and other medical staff from patient violence. Read more here.

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