Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Vaccine roundup: database shows where Covid-19 patients can get antibody treatments

Here are some of the latest stories with rural resonance about the coronavirus vaccine:

The Department of Health and Human Services has created a searchable map and database showing where Covid-19 patients may be able to obtain monoclonal antibody therapeutics that can lessen the severity of the illness. Read more here.

In a Modern Healthcare podcast, reporters discuss the reporting and information verification process for reporting on coronavirus vaccine distribution. Read more here.

Is your local vaccine administration venue equipped to handle rare, life-threatening reactions? Read more here.

Delaying the second vaccination will make supplies last longer but comes with risks. Read more here.

In a nod to the Serum Run that brought diphtheria treatments to Nome, Alaska, in 1925, some clinicians in rural Alaska delivered coronavirus vaccines to remote villages via sled. (Sorry, Balto, these sleds were pulled by snowmachines.) Read more here.

Some rural areas report speedy access to vaccine, while others are still waiting. Read more here.

Public health officials have warned for months that they don't have enough support or money to quick distribute the vaccine. The slower-than-expected roll-out of the vaccine is proving them right. Read more here.

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