Monday, February 22, 2021

Pandemic roundup: Some states not prioritizing farmworkers for vaccine; farmers' feelings of isolation have worsened

Here's a roundup of recent stories about the coronavirus pandemic:

Some states still aren't prioritizing farmworkers for the coronavirus vaccine as the federal government has recommended. Read more here.

Some California fire departments are distributing vaccines to rural areas. Read more here.

West Virginia has one of the highest coronavirus vaccination rates in the world. Read more here.

Thousands of U.S. service members are refusing to get the vaccine, or delaying. Read more here.

The New Yorker does a deep dive into rural Alaskan towns with high vaccine distribution rates. Read more here.

Some rural counties in Missouri are seeing mixed results in efforts to get vaccines to residents. Read more here. has some new stories vetting popular social media posts about the pandemic, plus a video explainer about why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its guidance on wearing face masks. Read more here.

Some health officials in New York state believe that a few rural counties' location is related to why they're so far behind the rest of the state in vaccination rates. Read more here.

A former U.S. surgeon general is urging the Biden administration to prioritize rural America in vaccine outreach efforts. Read more here.

The pandemic has exacerbated farmers' feelings of isolation. Read more here.

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