Thursday, February 25, 2021

Pandemic roundup: Health-care workers delivering vaccines to seniors; clergy risk death to minister to the sick...

Health-care workers administering the coronavirus vaccine are some of the happiest people in medicine right now, overjoyed to be doing something concrete to fight the pandemic. Read more here.

Biden administration to send 25 million cloth masks to community health centers and food pantries in low-income areas beginning in March. Read more here.

Clergy risk illness and death to minister to the sick and their loved ones. Read more here.

Fact checkers debunk a claim by conservative radio host Buck Sexton, who says that scientific research indicates that life should go back to "normal" now and that schools should reopen and people should stop wearing masks outside. But that's false, say scientists. Read more here.

As vaccine supplies increase, some states and localities are now struggling to find enough people to administer the vaccines. Read more here.

As American health-care workers begged for more N95 masks, the Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a waiver in the final moments of Trump's presidency to allow a Texas company to export 5 million masks overseas. Read more here.

Health-care workers are delivering vaccines to homebound seniors. Read more here.

In Minnesota, rural seniors are more likely than their urban counterparts to receive a vaccination. Read more here.

States rush to catch up on delayed vaccines and expand access after bad weather caused clinic closures and shipment backlogs. Read more here.

Bills that would bar employers from requiring employee vaccination have been proposed in at least 23 states. Read more here.

The Food and Drug Administration has deemed the single-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine safe and effective in a clinical trial and completely protective against hospitalizations and deaths. Read more here.

Opinion: in-person visitation for dying loved ones must be part of the national Covid-19 response. Read more here.

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