Friday, April 09, 2021

New site offers coping strategies and place for journalists to discuss their mental health

 A new websiteNewsbreak, offers mental-health tips for journalists and a place to talk about their experiences. Senior BBC journalist Tim Hourigan founded the website after seeing the strain journalists have been under during the pandemic and after reporting on the pandemic himself for 10 months, Behind Local News reports.

In a piece on the site, Hourigan wrote: "It’s time we — as journalists — started having a frank, no-holds-barred conversation about our mental health and what we’re doing to manage it. I hope Newsbreak can act as a platform for that conversation. I’ve been completely blown away by the response I’ve had since announcing I was setting this up, which goes to show that we really do need to talk about our wellbeing."

"Pieces on the site include advice on how to switch off after a news shift, in the digital world, and a piece from a final year journalist student who was anxious about getting a foot in the door in the industry during a pandemic," Behind Local News reports. One of the most important strategies the site advises for journalists is to switch off the news as much as possible.

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