Thursday, April 08, 2021

Covid roundup: White evangelicals' vaccine resistance may limit herd immunity; vaccine tourism lifts rural economies

Here's a roundup of recent news about the pandemic and vaccination efforts:

Widespread vaccine refusal and hesitancy among white evangelicals is an obstacle to immunization efforts. Faith, politics and a mistrust of science all play a role in the phenomenon. Read more here.

A Pennsylvania study, the first known to examine Covid-19 outcomes among rural residents, found that rural Hispanics were at a much higher risk of getting the virus, that nursing-home residents were much more likely to die from Covid-19 than other rural patients, and that rural patients were more likely than their suburban and urban counterparts to experience diarrhea. Read more here.

A survey of rural health clinics found 55 percent of them are actively involved in administering the coronavirus vaccine to patients and over 90% are actively involved in education patients about it. But 43% have had their vaccine distribution plans disrupted by a lack of supply. Read more here.

Vaccine tourists are lifting rural economies. Read more here.

Rapid coronavirus tests are coming soon to a store near you. Read more here.

A fourth coronavirus surge could be in the works, but we have the tools to stop it. Read more here.

Experts disagree about whether we're entering a fourth surge. Read more here.

Vaccine passports, explained. Read more here.

A rural administrator at a facility that serves the elderly reflects on the challenges he and his staff and patients have faced during the pandemic. Read more here.

A retail-industry website discusses strategies to improve rural vaccine distribution. Read more here.

Three Daily Yonder readers share their experiences getting the coronavirus vaccine. Read more here.

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