Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Small Tennessee radio station turns old high school football games into programming

High school sports are serious business in many rural areas, and local radio stations still carry all the big games live. Those basketball and football games get taped and then get packed away, but a radio station in Carthage, Tenn., dusted off some old football game tapes and started replaying them in the off season. The idea has paid off for WUCZ-FM/WKRM-AM.

"It turns out that the 40-year-olds of today love to listen to their glory days," writes Al Tompkins for Poynter Online. "And those 40-year-olds now are the community business leaders, so naturally they buy ads for the flashback games."

Tompkins interviewed the man behind the idea, Dennis Banka, during a workshop with the Tennessee Broadcasters Association. The interview is available here.

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