Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chair of rural school board wins sexual harassment case against road construction firm

Sandra Crouch has spent the last 22 years as a member of the Board of Education in Bath County, Kentucky (Wikipedia map). In January she was re-elected chairman. It is part of her official duties to make sure no one under the board's jurisdiction is harassed, sexually or in any other manner, and that no one is made to work or study in a hostile environment, reports Appalachian author Betty Dotson-Lewis.

"Never in a million years did Sandy imagine she would be the one on the receiving end of those actions -- subjected to sexual harassment while attempting to perform her duties on the job in a hostile environment," Lewis writes. But Crouch filed a lawsuit, and won it a few weeks ago. "Not only is it unusual for a woman to win a unanimous jury verdict of this size, there is something else remarkable about this case: It’s even more unusual for a female chairman of a county school board to win a sexual harassment case while pursuing her day job in a nontraditional field, road construction." Lewis's story is here.

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