Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Virginia writer sees rural America as election loser

"Rural America seems to be the big loser in a presidential election decided by the cities," writes Michael Owens, right, of the Bristol Herald Courier. Virginia and several other swing states were decided by votes of the population centers, which voted heavily for President Obama. "In a democracy, he who has the numbers wins. It’s the tyranny of mathematics," University of Virginia College of Wise political analyst Eric Drummond Smith told Owens.

In Virginia, the election map "reveals a Mountain Empire bathed in Republican red," but it was the "seemingly small pools of Democratic blue . . . that stole the vote," Owens reports. The same was true for Ohio and Nevada. "But that's the devil of the popular vote . . . especially when massive tracts of sparsely populated rural lands try to compete with a few blocks of densely inhabited concrete jungle," Owens writes. (Read more)


X said...

Ah yes, tyranny of the few is way better than our flawed democracy. Perhaps the good professor would be happier occupying a chair at the University of Somalia? That way he wouldn't be bothered much by all this pesky voting and stuff. /meh

David said...

I think rural America was definitely a winner in the presidential vote. Rural voters lost only in the sense that their preferred candidate lost, but in terms of overall policy, they come out winners.