Thursday, April 18, 2013

New reality show, delayed because of Newtown massacre, stars a family of gun lovers

Another reality show is focusing on rural Americans in the act of doing "rural" things. This time the focus in on  a family of gun-loving Kentuckians, who will be featured on Country Music Television in a show called "Guntucky." The show, which premiers Sunday, stars the Sumner family, who live in Bullitt County, just south of Louisville. Most of the show takes place on the family-owned gun range, "where people can shoot a wide array of legal firearms — from cannons to rare collectibles," Christa Ritchie reports for The Courier-Journal. (C-J photo by Aaron Borton)

Range supervisor Steven Sumner told Ritchie, "You’re going to see people do things that aren’t the norm ... kind of like fantasies,” she writes. “Many people would like to blow something up, but you just can’t do that everywhere. We safely provide that area and that scene.” The ten episodes of the show were originally scheduled to begin airing in January, but the show was pushed back after the shooting in Newtown, Conn. (Read more)

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