Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Single farmers looking for a date, a relationship or a spouse have a place to turn in 16 states

With rural populations continuing to decline, and fewer people taking up agriculture, farm life can get lonely for singles, and a single farmer on a farm miles from the nearest residence or town can have a hard time finding a mate or a date. A dating group called Singles in Agriculture, hopes to change that, reports Justin Juozapavicius for The Associated Press. (AP Photo by Matthew Holst: Glenn Ackeberg, of Lindon, Ill., dances with Barb Ruttledge, of Walnut, Ill., during a Singles in Agriculture event.)

The group, which has chapters in 16 states, "holds get-togethers in rural communities for people who want to live on the land," writes Juozapavicius. "The participants tend to be older than those in other singles groups and favor a style that's more small town and traditional."

Member Kevin Lilienthal, who farms soybeans and corn in Iowa, said "Farming is not an easy life. Your (dating) pool is very small to begin with," and with many young people leaving for urban areas, and never coming back, "Any type of relationship is just a challenge." (Read more)

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