Monday, April 29, 2013

Small daily newspaper's conservative editorial page tells local 'dim bulbs' to stop stereotyping Iraqis

Some Americans have developed an intolerance or even fear of people of Middle Eastern decent, often thinking anyone from a place like Iraq is somehow linked to terrorism. The Daily News of Bowling Green, Ky., a university town of 55,000 about 110 miles south of Louisville, published an editorial last week calling for an end to intolerance towards those Iraqis who have supported the U.S., and who are making an honest living in our country.

The editorial refers specifically to families who were granted special immigration visas for helping the U.S., and ended up in places like Bowling Green. The editorial said these patriots "came here seeking a better life, but sadly an ignorant few individuals are attacking them with stares and racial slurs." The editorial refers to a pair of men who both lost family while trying to help the U.S. but have been subjected to "people telling them to go back to their own country and catcalls of 'terrorist'."

"Those who throw racial slurs and unpleasant stares at them and their families should be ashamed of themselves," opines the locally owned paper, which has a conservative point of view and a circulation of about 25,000. "America doesn’t turn its back on its friends. Sadly, there are a few dim bulbs who haven’t gotten that message. These men have earned the right to be here and deserve the gratitude and utmost respect of all our citizens." (Read more)

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