Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Colorado legislator who backed gun control resigns; possible successors favor background checks

Colorado residents continue to stick to their guns. In a September recall election, voters ousted two Democratic state senators who supported gun-control bills passed earlier the year, replacing those senators with pro-gun Republicans. Last week, unhappy voters didn't need a recall election to get rid of Sen. Evie Hudak, as the Democrat from suburban Denver, who also supported gun-control laws, resigned amid calls for a recall election, Kurtis Lee and Lynn Bartels report for The Denver Post.

Hudak's decision means that instead of a recall election, where Republicans could have elected a pro-gun candidate, Hudak's successor will be a Democrat named by a committee, the Post reports. And that means that Democrats will continue to hold an 18-17 majority in the Senate, at least until Hudak's successor has to run for re-election in 2014. (Read more) The committee of 70 Democratic precinct leaders, will choose next week between a pair of politicians who have said they support background checks for guns, Lee reports.

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