Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Federal court lifts emergency stay on two horse slaughter plants, so they could open soon

The on-again, off-again battle to open horse slaughter plants in New Mexico and Missouri appears to have taken a swing in favor of the plant owners, after a federal appeals court late Friday "lifted an emergency stay on the companies’ plans," but it could still be months before a final decision is issued, Jeri Clausing reports for The Associated Press. "The judge said the U.S. Department of Agriculture followed proper procedure in issuing permits" to the three companies."

Blair Dunn, the attorney for plants in Roswell, N.M., and Gallatin, Mo., "said the plants are ready to open, although they could agree to remain shuttered if the plaintiffs agree to post a sufficient bond to cover the companies’ losses should they ultimately prevail," Clausing writes. A third proposed plant in Iowa had already switched to beef, but its owner said the plant was struggling against other established companies, and would make a decision about horse slaughter by early January. (Read more)

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