Saturday, April 05, 2014

Rural journalists among Editor & Publisher's annual '25 under 35' to watch and to learn from

Some rural journalists are included in Editor & Publisher magazine's annual "25 under 35," newspaper executives under 35 who have "business acumen to lead through trying times and vision to implement bold, new strategies to move their newspapers forward." They are:

Sara Konrad Baranowski, 34, editor, Times Citizen, Iowa Falls, Iowa: "As a crossover reporter with the paper’s in-house radio station and now as editor, she has led the convergence effort within the company and has published a book focusing on the topic of newspaper evolution and the different business models being pursued. Her advice for peers: "Be ambitious. When you have the opportunity to learn a new skill, take it."

Danielle Gordon-Broome, 28, editor, Swan Valley Star and Times, Swan River, Manitoba, "has encouraged the use of social media in the newsroom and increased traffic to the paper’s website. In addition, she directed a massive update and redesign of the newspaper layout that had not been done in more than 15 years." Her advice for peers: "It’s not your background or education that makes you a good journalist. It’s your dedication, your passion, your creativity and the vision you put behind every piece."

Tommy Felts, 31, managing editor, The Ottawa Herald, Ottawa, Kansas: "he literally wears his pride for the newspaper on his personally-purchased company polo shirts daily though he knows wearing it often may invite as many critiques as it does praise from the public," says Editor-Piblisher Jeanny Sharp. Felts's advice for peers: "Don’t ignore journalism industry trends, but don’t follow them blindly either."

Adam Silverman, 35, associate editor for news and audience development, Burlington Free Press, Vermont: "Silverman was elevated to associate editor last year due in part to his leadership, dedication and work in helping the Free Press shift from a broadsheet to a compact tabloid." His advice for peers: "Be tenacious, fearless and flexible. We have a great public trust as journalists, and it’s incumbent upon us to take that seriously. . . . Vigorously pursue your watchdog role."

Eric Lane Stearley, 24, editor, The Paper of Wabash County, Wabash, Indiana: "Stearley strives to bring his audience of 16,000 the most current, relevant, and meaningful news stories, paired with stunning images in an updated layout." His advice for peers: "Don’t underestimate your community. Great journalism doesn’t have to come from a big city publication, and it doesn’t have to have a global focus." (Read more)

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