Friday, October 07, 2016

ASNE changes membership structure to focus on digital media, not print circulation

The American Society of News Editors announced on Tuesday that effective Nov. 1, "membership tiers for editors and other top news executives will be based on monthly unique visitors of a member's website" rather than print circulation figures, reports ASNE. "The changes were made to reflect ASNE's aim to serve newsroom leaders across all content platforms, with a specific focus on leadership in digital journalism."

Benjamin Mullin reports for Poynter, "Under the previous dues structure, editors and news executives paid membership fees according to their publication's print circulation, with a separate section for online-only news sites. Going forward, that will change. Now, membership will focus on monthly unique visitors. There are different membership tiers for news organizations with more than 10 million unique visitors ($395), 1 to 10 million unique visitors ($295), 500,000 to 1 million unique visitors ($195) and less than 500,000 unique visitors ($95)."

ASNE President Mizell Stewart III, the vice president for news operations for Gannett and the USA Today Network, said the change "is a 'long overdue' acknowledgement that 'digital media is a primary platform for storytelling and where consumers often turn first for news and information.' The leaders of U.S. newsrooms have moved far beyond their roots in daily newspapers, serving readers across every content platform. Now, ASNE’s membership structure reflects that reality."

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