Thursday, October 29, 2009

S.D. paper provides forum for farm, environmental adversaries on 'cap and trade' climate legislation

Last week we reported on American Farm Bureau's ramped-up lobbying against "cap and trade" climate legislation and a report from the Environmental Working Group about the risks to farmers if they don't support the bill. The Daily Republic in Mitchell, S.D., took the point-counterpoint a step further by printing the complete text of a state Farm Bureau official's response to the EWG report, and EWG's rebuttal of his claims.

Among the highlights: FB Administrative Director Mike Held says there isn't sufficient research to fully support EWG's claim that severe weather patterns resulting from global warming will affect farmers. EWG replies, "The preponderance of scientific evidence and scientific opinion is unequivocal. Climate change will pose serious challenges to agricultural production and our soil and water resources." You can read the full text of both sides' comments here.

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