Friday, January 08, 2016

Trump's biggest Republican supporters are in Appalachia, South, industrial North, map shows

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's biggest supporters are in Appalachia, the South and the industrial North, according to analysis provided to The New York Times by Civis Analytics, a Democratic data firm, Nate Cohn reports for the Times. The interactive district-level map shows that Trump has at least 35 percent of support of Republicans in many districts in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Trump is also popular among Republicans in Oklahoma, Nevada, Missouri, South Dakota and most states in the Northeast.

The data, based on interviews with more than 11,000 Republican voters, "shows that Trump has broad support in the GOP spanning all major demographic groups," Cohn writes. "He leads among Republican women and among people in well-educated and affluent areas. He even holds a nominal lead among Republican respondents that Civis estimated are Hispanic, based on their names and where they live."
Nowhere is Trump more popular than in West Virginia, where at least 36 percent of Republican voters in every district support him. Trump's biggest supporters in West Virginia are among "registered Democrats identify themselves as Republican 'leaners'—those likely to vote for GOP candidates," Eric Eyre reports for the Charleston Gazette-Mail. "Those same states typically vote for Republicans in presidential elections."

State Democratic Party Vice Chairman Chris Regan "said conservative West Virginians have embraced Trump’s message because the GOP establishment offers them nothing," Eyre writes. Regan told him, “Trump’s popularity is a direct reaction to the bill of goods Republican politicians have been selling their voters in West Virginia. Trump shows that conservative voters are wising up to the establishment GOP’s game.”

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