Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Reading or streaming content jumped a full hour per day last year, to 10:39, led by smartphones

Over the past year use of smartphones by adults to watch and stream content has dramatically increased, according to Nielsen's Q1 2016 Total Audience Report. In the first quarter of 2016 adults spent an average of 10 hours, 39 minutes each day watching or streaming content on any device, a one-hour-per-day increase from the first quarter of 2015. From the first quarter of 2014 to the first quarter of 2015, usage increased only seven minutes a day.

Smartphone use increased by 37 minutes per day, tablet use by 12 minutes, internet on PC use by 10 minutes and multimedia devices, including Apple TV and Roku, by 4 minutes, Jason Lynch writes for AdWeek. Television use actually declined by three minutes, but "half of all U.S. TV households now have access to at least one SVOD (subscription video on demand) service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. That's the same percentage of households with DVRs."
"Most of the consumption on non-TV devices came from the top 20 percent of users for each category," Lynch writes. "Those top 20 percent account for 87 percent of in-home PC streaming, 83 percent of smartphone video, and 71 percent of connected TV devices like Apple TV, Roku and Xbox. But the top 20 percent of TV and DVR users only represent 52 percent of the total overall minutes watched on those devices." (Read more)

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