Thursday, October 16, 2008

Market threatens bonds for college expansions

The economic downturn may have repercussions for proposed new community and technical schools, a key source of higher education for rural areas. In West Virginia, "A recent report indicated the bond market had cast doubt over $80 million in construction projects at several of West Virginia’s community and technical colleges," writes Fred Pace of The Register-Herald in Beckley.

Some proposed expansions have been put on hold but others are continuing. "We have been told to continue to move forward, but we haven’t been given specific dates, so projects could be delayed or they could remain on schedule," Dr. Ted Spring told Pace.

It appears that the expansion of the community and technical college system remains a priority in West Virginia despite economic difficulties. "Recent state legislation has strengthened community and technical college training," writes Pace. "There are approximately 21,000 community and technical college students statewide, according to the state’s latest statistics." (Read more)

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